As for Pre-Order...

We are a small group with small business scale.

The only reason that support us to keep making spinners is our passion and love. In order not to throw too much money in making stocks, we lower down the amount of each run of production, and accept pre-orders.

Thanks to Paypal cart function we can receive payments right before putting into productions. So if you don't trust us or having any hesitate to place your order, please DON'T. We'll do our best to deal with every order but we don't waste our time to convince you.

We are players and makers, not salesman. Actually we almost ran out our money to make the protypes.

We start each run when pre-order of the item reach 30.

The procedure time might be 3 weeks and delivery for 1 week or a little more.(We are in Taiwan)

Shipping is world wide, but we will make full refund if we can't ship to you.